Bridesmaid Gift Boxes

For the record will you be my bridesmaid?

A few months ago, I asked my closest friends and future sisters if they would stand by my side on one of the most important days in my life. I wanted to ask the girls in a unique way but also affordable because yall I have 7! I combined what I feel to be the best things in life. Music, wellness and of course mini wine bottles. No one tells you how quickly things can add up when you are buying 7 of each, so I bring you what I believe to be the best deal possible on a bridesmaid box.  Twinkle lights roller balls, and records from Amazon.  Mini wine bottles from World Market 5 dollar pink headphones and gold gift boxes from Target. 

Four tips to a faboulous bridesmaid box! 

Tip: Create a unique blend of essential oils add water label each bottle, and you have a one of a kind zen roller. 

Tip: Use a label maker on the records it's a lot easier than printing. 

Tip: Check the dollar spot at target for headphones

Tip: Add twinkle lights it's a real game changer