How He Asked!

A year ago today I got engaged to my best friend and this already sounds cheesy. The truth is he really is my best friend in life. We met December of my sophomore year of college. I will always say he saved me, but I think we saved each other. It was a meant to be" God Wink" you always hear about, but it took almost five dates to get it right. Let me preference this by letting you know the first four were group dates. He finally ...on the fifth date, took me to a movie just he and I.  We drove in what we called the Mitzi, a 1989 Mitsubishi souped up with a fishing pole grill. Yes, there are such things. She wouldn't start unless you gave her a little love or kicked her a few times. However, on that specific night, I wasn't sure if she would ever start. Brock was switching gears, talking to the car, and pumping the brakes in a desperate attempt that she would turn over. An hour later, she finally started. Not only had he succeed with getting the car to start he had also completely won me over with what I felt to be a mere act of love relentlessly trying to get us to that movie. He could have given up, but he never did. This is a trait I love so much, Brock is always persistent and never gives up. Maybe it was the car that wouldn't start that won me over or the obsessive amount of butter he put on his popcorn, but whatever it was it worked. We have been inseparable ever since.

Fast forward to July 14th, 2017, the best day of my life. It was a hot day in Texas, as to be expected in July. I was attempting to look cute as I had a feeling he would be asking me to marry him that day. I'm not going to lie. I knew 100 percent. He has a hard time keeping a secret from me as well as his family and mine. So yes I had a hunch, but doesn't everyone? Anyway, you never really know completely. If I’m being real honest I might have over searched my Christmas boxes seven months earlier. Back to getting ready, I think I attempted 20 different outfits and hairstyles it's hard to look good in July. That wasn't us though; I didn't need to be dressed up, so after a pep talk from mom I tossed my hair up and got in the car turned up the radio and left for Waelder Texas. We were going fishing. Waelder is the place where we went almost every other weekend of our senior year at A&M. Waleder is Brock's families home place where his great grandparents lived and where he spent his childhood summers getting into who knows what. It is his favorite place in the entire world. He has about ten head of cattle out there which he and his dad work while I work on getting each one to eat out of my hand. I am going way off track, back to that special day. I arrived, and as soon as I stepped out of the car I knew something was up Brocks dad was cleaning the front porch? Say what. Cleaning was a rare sight in Waelder, so I was a bit thrown off. We spent the day working cows, front porch sitting literally, and talking for what seemed like 24 HOURS. Remember, I said I had a feeling he was going to ask me, but he threw me for a loop when he took his sweet time to take me fishing. I was impatiently asking over and over when we would go and finally, after many no's, he agreed to head out to the pond. Side note fishing is our favorite thing to do together. Remind me to tell yall about the angler story in Florida. Brock is what I would call a real fisherman, and I am what you would call a true catcher. I love to CATCH not so much FISH. Make sense?

We took the pick-up truck out to the tank which also weird because most of the time we just took the four wheeler. Today was different and it was special. I hopped out of the truck got my pole ready and eagerly waited for Brock to pull out a ring and ask me to be his wife. He was very nervous with sweaty hands and all. Ya'll I waited for that ring for 2 hours and nothing this point all of my inklings, hunches, feelings that today was the DAY was completely gone. After the first two hours of no ring, I had convinced myself that June 14th was not the day. I stopped waiting and enjoyed myself ...tossed my line in the water, caught a fish and then another. This never happens, to be honest, I didn't even think there were fish in this tank just stories of the ten pounders that lurked around these waters. Boy was I wrong; Brock was taking pictures documenting these fish I was catching that you only hear about around coffee tables told by old men. If you ask me God was just sweetening the deal for Brock giving him an even better engagement story and I was living my best life. As I continued to throw my line out continuously, Brock was busy with his own agenda. Sneaking the ring box out from the back of the truck (I had checked his back pockets for the past few months looking for the ring but he knew better) placing the lure with "will you marry me" in the tackle box and tieing up all of his ends literally. He did manage all of this without me knowing a single thing and he turned to me asking me to switch my lucky lure. Heck no, I wasn't changing that thing because I was catching!  I'm also very persistent, but ultimately he won. I walked over to the tackle box opened it up saw the new, unfamiliar shiny lure quickly flipped around (without reading it) and there he was my very best friend.. the man my mom always told me I would find. My dream man on one knee. He stumbled on his words, forgot his whole speech he prepared and practiced and blurted out the words will you marry me? With tears in both of our eyes, I said yes. Just kidding, I forgot to say yes, and Brock put the ring on the wrong finger but that us and it didn't matter because we both knew that we were going to be spending the rest of our lives with each other. The ring fulfilled all of my pollyanna(this is another family story) dreams and more.. We loaded up in the truck headed back to the house as we both cried happy tears.. well I was serious happy crying.  It was the happiest day of my life. He had one more surprise up his sleeve, my whole family and his were waiting on the porch of his grandparents home-place for us. His sister had printed matching shirts for the girls and everything... reference pictures below. Mom, Dad, little brother and my soon to be second family were all there to share this happy day with us. That meant more to me than he will ever know. We finished the night most fittingly at my FAVORITE Mexican restaurant Mr. Taco with a real mariachi band and the best margaritas and fajitas in Texas. This is 100 percent truth because I am a Mexican food connoisseur. I would later find out it took Brock months to plan this thing and had a group text going with both of our families being groomzilla making sure all the details were perfect. This story is my favorite to tell and one that turned out so perfect for special but also I’ve never felt
so much love in one day.

After that I finished 18 hours (YES) in one summer, I graduated moved to Auburn Alabama with Brock, and now I am traveling back and forth to Texas to pursue my dream of starting a business with my other best friend my Mom who is always my biggest supporter cheering me on yet letting me go always. I am now eleven months away from marrying my best friend(yep) and of course a little behind on planning ..but hey that's fitting for us. We aren't perfect, but that’s what I love about us!  This spot is where you will be able to follow along on our wedding planning journey and everything from the cake tasting to wedding dress shopping. I promise not to be so long winded in my next post.